The Infinity Massage

Every savvy massage goer knows a "One Hour Massage Service" in the Spa World, does NOT really mean a full hour receiving a massage! That "One Hour" often includes consultation time & other factors. So you really only end up with about 50 minutes on the table, elsewhere.  Of course, we still make time for those other important necessities associated with your session, but they will never interfere with your time on the table again! At A Place To Begin, we do things very differently...but we're sure you're going to love it!

Introducing.......The Infinity Massage! This unique service is the FIRST & ONLY 75 Minute Hour! Yes, you read that correctly!  When you book your "Hour" with A Place To Begin, you will receive a full 75 minutes on the tableThis is our own version of a "One Hour Service" because we  believe 50 minutes is just not long enough...and having that extra 25 minutes on the table...can feel like an eternity!

With This Service...

The Infinity Massage is a blend of both Eastern & Western modalities.  The Eastern aspect focuses on balancing your energy flow while the Western aspect focuses on muscle & soft tissue manipulation.  Our professional Licensed Massage Therapists will custom tailor your service to meet your therapeutic needs by using a unique integration of gentle and deep massage techniques. This exceptional service is designed to restore your body, calm your mind, & bring peace to your soul so that you may reenter your world in peace & much closer to your optimum health.

75 Minute Service

To your door  ~ $135

To our door  ~ $115

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