Scalp Treatments

Enjoy the added benefits that focused attention to your scalp, face, neck & shoulders can offer to you on your journey toward better health & well-being.  Scalp massages bring much needed oxygen, circulation, & blood flow, to the part of the body where we tend to live out our daily our heads! Choose from our 5 Scalp Treatments below

Allergy & Sinus Relief

seasonal & chronic Pain & Pressure

A great choice for headaches, allergy & sinus issues. Our Just Breath Blend of essential oils are used to enhance a deep penetrating scalp & face massage.  Acupressure points throughout the scalp & face help to drain sinuses & relieve sinus pressure.

Crowning Touch

Tranquility for the mind

Relax your mind as acupressure & a deep circular massage are used  throughout the scalp & neck. Warmed, deep conditioning,  jojoba oil infused with a custom blend of herbal extracts &  melt away tension.

Citrus Joy

Uplifting Citrus Blend

Feeling tired & sluggish? Try our Organic coconut oil infused with a refreshing citrus blend of Lemon, Lime, Orange & Grapefruit to stimulate your scalp & invigorate your senses.

Peace & Tranquility

Restful Relaxation

Lavender, Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile,  & Sandalwood combine to create a relaxing scalp & face massage treatment to quiet your mind, release tension & prepare you for a restful sleep.  The perfect escape from everyday tension.

We suggest that you Leave oils in your hair for at least two hours after the treatment and avoid sun exposure during that time. 

25 Minute

Enhancement Service


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