Sacred Journey Massage

~ April Peerless

One of the most beautiful journeys

we can ever take in our lives,

is that which calls us to

journey within.

With This Service...

This integrated massage is infused with herbs & essential oils** specifically blended based upon the journey of your choice.

Before your journey begins, you will choose a sacred stone that speaks to you personally ~ yours to keep.  As your starting point of reflection, you will have a passage read to you relating to the sacred stone you chose - think of it as a loving note from the universe.  Your sacred stone will be held by you or placed purposefully with you throughout your journey.  Your massage will then lull you into a deep state of relaxation as you are guided with words of validation laced together with beautiful music & sounds of various cultures and indigenous peoples from around the world. 

This unique and intensely personal experience offers healing, peace and comfort, while nurturing and honoring your authentic self. 

It is our honor to hold space for you with kindness & respect as you embark on this Sacred Journey where you can safely "Let Go" and release your stresses, worries, & tensions so that you may spend this sacred time with your authentic self and our loving Universe...

This Sacred Journey Massage Is Truly A Beautiful Gift To Honor Yourself

Or To Honor Someone You Love.

Sacred Journey Choices:

  • Sacred Journey of Africa

  • Sacred Journey of India

  • An Arabian Sacred Journey

  • An Egyptian Sacred Journey

  • A Celtic Journey

  • An Italian Journey

  • A Journey to Spain

  • Buddhist Sacred Journey~India

  • Buddhist Sacred Journey~Orient

  • Hindu Sacred Journey

  • Christian Sacred Journey

  • Sacred Journey of Judea

  • Native American Sacred Journey

  • Sacred Journey of Thailand

  • Sacred Journey of Tibet

120 Minute Service

To your door  ~ $199

To our door    ~ $179

For As Low As 


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