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A Place To Begin (APTB)  is founded on the profound belief that every client should be treated with the utmost respect.  Therapeutic Massage is about respecting the human body. We honor the tradition of restoring & preserving balance of Body, Mind & Spirit through RESPECTFUL THERAPEUTIC TOUCH IN A SAFE & PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT.


All of our clients, & customers can expect the HIGHEST level of professionalism  demonstrating respect for the dignity and rights of all individuals by providing a clean, comfortable, & safe environment that is free of judgement for all services, using appropriate & skilled draping procedures, giving clients recourse in the event of dissatisfaction with treatment, and upholding the integrity between practitioner & client that is shared within the therapeutic relationship.


At APTB, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for ANYONE whose behavior during sessions/services/treatments contain ANY LEVEL OF SEXUAL IMPROPRIETY in behavior or language. OUR THERAPISTS HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE any service, at any given time-during any session should INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS, GESTURES OR REQUESTS OCCUR.


We are professionally Licensed and Certified Massage Therapists, Practitioners, & Body Workers.  We adhere to very strict National and New Jersey State Laws & Regulations including code of conduct & code of ethics for all services offered. 


For details about our professional code of ethics that our entire staff adheres to, please see below:



We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all of our customers, A Place To Begin, LLC  (APTB) will honor the following policies:


  • We require at least 48 hours notice to cancel any appointment.

  • A 50% Deposit is required when setting up appointments. 

  • A credit card number is needed to hold your reservation.


The following WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL to the card number on file. 

  • Phone cancellations,  that are LESS THAN 48 hours in advance

  • Missed Appointments/"No Shows" to our door

  • Appointments that the Motor Coach is in route to, OR arrives to, but is unable to provide services - For any reason

  • An additional Travel Fee of $50-$100 may be incurred for "to your door" services



To ensure your "No Rush" experience we incorporate abundant time into your service.  However, if there is a delay in our ability to begin on time for any reason (either a late arrival to our door or a delayed start at your door), it will unfortunately affect those appointments after you. 

In fairness to ALL of our guests (depending upon the situation/tardiness/delay) the following policies will be honored:

  • Your session may need to be shortened (Payment of 100% of full service may be required) 

  • Your appointment may not be able to be honored (if this occurs you will be responsible for 50%-100% of full service)

  • You may need to reschedule (with a service fee of a minimum of $50.00)

If Cancellations, Late/Delayed Start Times or "No Shows" become a pattern, A Place To Begin, LLC reserves the right to refuse further business & services.


We thank you for your understanding of our policies and we thank you in advance for helping us to ensure a wonderfully relaxing experience for yourself & others with A Place To Begin Mobile Spa!


We also genuinely thank you for respecting your therapists of APTB. They work exceedingly hard to ensure your total relaxation & they are dedicated to reducing the stress in your life. When time is lost, you are able to reschedule.  But, that appointment time is forever lost to the therapist; and with it, the opportunity to serve you that day or to serve well as the impact the lost time has on their livelihood.


At A Place To Begin, OUR POLICY IS ~ Gratuities are NOT included with our services*** AND they are NEVER required; however, they are genuinely (and deeply) appreciated by a staff of therapists & practitioners who work exceedingly hard exerting a tremendous amount of physical, & spiritual energy to ensure your spa experience is peaceful, relaxing, & restorative by placing you at the center of healing. Gratuity is a wonderful way to say “Thank You" to your therapist for all of their effort & energy they have placed into your well-being.


If you wish to say thank you with a gratuity, 20% of the total original price of services is customarily the guideline that is followed ~ But please only give what you are comfortable with!  For further details & a deeper understanding of gratuities as it relates to massage therapists & bodywork practitioners please go to our FAQ page  below.

***GRATUITIES are not included on our regular menu, of services--however they may be included in various Spa Party packages/Corporate packages. 


A Valid drivers license MUST  BE PRESENTED  AT THE TIME OF YOUR INITIAL VISIT/SERVICE WITH APTB.  At which time a copy will be kept on file with your intake/medical history forms.

NOTE: ALL Client information provided to A Place To Begin, LLC, is held in the strictest confidence, adhering to ALL current guidelines as set forth by HIPPA and is NEVER SHARED WITH ANY OUTSIDE ENTITY. 



Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, are accepted methods of payment. A copy of valid drivers license must accompany any Personal checks. A $50.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.


Gift Certificates are valid  for 12 months (one year) from the date of purchase.

Gift Certificate will be honored after the expiration date for a period of one additional year at 50% value.

Gift Certificates dated 24 months or more beyond the original date of purchase are no longer valid and will NOT be accepted. 

Pricing and Treatments:

Pricing and treatments are subject to change at any time without notice.


We look forward to serving you!

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

10 AM - 8 PM

Weekend Appointments Available

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