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Your hands and feet are first exfoliated with an herbal scrub to remove dead & dry skin while promoting circulation.  They will then be dipped into the paraffin system of your choosing and placed in warm and soothing herbal mitts to reveal smooth & healthy hands & feet! 

A natural Eco-friendly alternative to popular paraffin treatments, eco-fin® is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils!** It contains NO petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances. Eco-friendly, people-friendly, and biodegradable. Eco-fin is a healthy and nourishing treatment that leaves your skin soft without harming the environment. It is a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, organic oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils.

With this system,treatments are single use, 100% disposable and biodegradable (including the clear liner!) which prevents fungal, bacterial and viral cross-contamination with other users.

Indulge in complete relaxation and the ultimate treatment for your tired hands and feet. If your skin is dry or cracked, scaly or crusty due to a medical condition, cold weather or stress, a warm paraffin treatment will nourish and soften, revealing silky smooth skin while helping with joint movement.  This is the perfect enhancement to add on to any full service appointment.

This system uses single use medical-grade gloves and booties pre-filled with physio therapeutic spa-grade paraffin, which prevents fungal, bacterial and viral cross-contamination with other users.

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