Pamper Your Limbs

With This Service...

 This 45 minute enhancement service is designed to truly Pamper Your Limbs with focused attention on relieving & restoring the soft tissues, muscles, fascia, tendons & ligaments through exquisitely soothing techniques that incorporate gentle acupressure allowing tightness & tension to melt away!


Self-care is not selfish

You cannot serve

from an empty vessel.

~ Eleanor Brownn

 Everyone loves a great back massage...But with our Pamper Your Limbs's your Neck, Arms, Legs, & Feet that take center stage!

Think about it, most of us are huddled over a computer keyboard, cell phone, or tablet throughout much of the day or evening ~ The result? "Tech Neck." While the name is catchy and appears to be site specific...It actually puts a strain on MUCH MORE than just your head & neck! This constant downward-looking position can lead to:

  • Chronic stiffness

  • Possible numbness

  • Increased stress, tension, or migraine headache

  • Overextended weakened back muscles

  • Adaptivly shortened muscles in chest area

  • Overall pain and soreness of the neck, arms & hands

  • Compromised Range Of Motion (ROM)

  • Poor posture

Yet our Head, Neck, Arms & Hands continue to serve us every day through keyboarding, texting, reaching, holding, and basically, carrying the "weight of the world!" With so many demands on these areas...It's no wonder Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has become so prevalent!

 Then we have our Legs, Ankles & Feet ~ Well they too can suffer in various ways.  If overworked and overextended either through rigorous exercise or physically demanding work, these stresses can become tremendously taxing on the muscles, tendons & ligaments, causing:

  • Spasms

  • Soreness

  • Pain

Sometimes we end up with the other extreme where our lower extremities are completely overlooked because they are hidden under the desk or below the steering wheel much of the day!  Extended periods of sitting also can create:

  • Stiffness

  • Soreness

  • Spasms

  • Decreased circulation

  • Pain

That's because our bodies were NEVER meant to be seated for extended periods of time! After all...we were built to be Hunters and Gatherers...Not Sitters!


 FINALLY! There's a Service willing to "Go out on a limb" for your Limbs!!! Giving these hardworking body parts the TLC they undoubtedly deserve to address these chronic issues that our limbs face each and every day! 


45 Minute

Enhancement Service


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