Deep Tissue Massage

Mu [moo]  meaning


Xing [shing]  meaning


     astern philosophies, as well as in other ancient practices, BALANCE...In All the key to the Universe and to finding peace and harmony within.  In Mu-Xing, balance is achieved through the use of Rosewood & Bamboo.




osewood energy is female energy and focuses on spiritual, intuitive health, and beauty.  Rosewood is known to be especially effective in spiritual healing.  Derivatives of rosewood are used to aid in healing stress related conditions including depression.


amboo's energy is male energy, protector energy.  Bamboo has been used around the world to promote health and well-being.  Within China, it is seen as a symbol of longevity and has been used to treat infection including respiratory disease. In Japan, it serves as protection from evil ~ in fact, many Buddhist temples are surrounded by a Bamboo forest.  In India, it has been used as a remedy for impotence, infertility & menstrual pain. In Ayurveda medicine, bamboo is used to promote healing.

            or thousands of years, therapists throughout Asia, Indonesia, & Europe have incorporated some form of wooden tool into their treatment.  Traditional Chinese Medicine writings dating back to 28AD show wooden tools utilized within modalities such as acupressure, shiatsu, massage and cupping (the first cups were made from wood!) In fact, these first writings were even recorded on thin slivers of bamboo!


             ative American cultures, trees are often referred to as the "Standing People."  Considered sacred, for the life giving oxygen they produced, they were also recognized for each possessing their own individual and unique gifts from nature and were honored with tremendous gratitude.  ​Roman athletes were noted for using a form of wood or stone called, a "Strigil" for its healing properties...and wooden sticks are used within the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.


               ot only has wood been an integral part of life on earth since the beginning of time, history teaches us that many cultures and peoples from around the world...spanning the ages...have revered the "Wood Element" as sacred, healing and yes...even magical!


With This Service...

You will receive 120 minutes of Deep Therapy.  This wonderfully natural treatment utilizes various heated instruments created from the purest form of wood. The warmth of the wood & a light blend of organic coconut & jojoba oils, combined with specialized techniques, offer a luxurious massage with tremendous therapeutic value, such as improved blood circulation, tissue detoxification and stimulating antibody production.  This exceptional massage melts away muscular tension, decreases pain & stiffness, while promoting a deep sense of overall well-being and relaxation.


120 Minute Service

To Your Door  ~ $195

  To Our Door  ~ $175

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