Since ancient times, healing practitioners around the world have understood the benefits that heat and coolness offer when applied to the human body.

Moon Chasing Sun 

Sacred Stone Massage

The Natural Healing Force

In Each One Of Us

Is The Greatest Force

In Getting Well

~ Hippocrates

110 Minute Service

To your door ~ $185

To our door   ~ $160

For As Low As 


Don't Forget Your Add-On...

With This Service...

Inspired by the Native American use of heated basalt stones to promote relaxation, this massage dissolves muscle tension.  A conscious & focused approach to deep-tissue work, the stones are purposefully used to strip muscles and break up scar tissue related to chronic pain. 


A custom blend of native herbs & essential oils** are incorporated into this restorative service to gently detoxify, calm, & ground you.


This site-specific work is extremely therapeutic & may assist in healing relief from chronic issues such as low back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel & more. 


Each session is tailored to your specific therapeutic needs.  You may always choose whether you want deep site-specific work or a more gentle stone service. 

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It is the responsibility

of the client/customer/consumer to inform  the  LMT of APTB of  any allergies/contraindications based on past/current medications to any products offered/used by APTB.

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before services.