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Enjoy These 2 Interactive Charts Below For Hands & Feet!

Feel Free To Click Around The Various Aspects (Top, Bottom & Sides) Of Both Hands & Feet to To Learn Which Points Correlate to The Human Body!

Have Fun! 

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With This Service...

One of the world's oldest healing methods, this unique service targets reflex points in the feet to bring all of the body's organs & energy fields back into balance.   This service calls upon the ancient healing methods through China's tradition of Reflexology*, and India & Tibet's healing methods through their tradition of Marma Points*, with the goal of triggering the body's own self-healing energies.

We incorporate the healing properties & energies of smooth gemstones & crystals into this service to offer the additional healing energy gems & crystals naturally posses. This beautiful & comfortable treatment is gentle, deeply relaxing & restorative.   

40 Minute

Add-on Service


*Reflexology & Marma point treatments do not take the place of medical care.  A reflexologist/reflexology practioner cannot diagnose or prescribe.  Please consult your Doctor when in doubt concerning any health problem or treatment.

We Gladly Accept:

Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat,  mitigate, cure, or prevent any illness, health issues/concerns or disease.

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of the client/customer/consumer to inform  the  LMT of APTB of  any allergies/contraindications based on past/current medications to any products offered/used by APTB.

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