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Angels Whispering Light
Beth Carleton, Angel Readings

All Things Light And Love ~ Lisa A. Carrick

If you are feeling run down, mentally drained, experiencing physical discomfort, or are in need of spiritual clarity...  Reiki, with All Things Light & Love, is truly a peaceful experience that allows for healing from within.

All sessions are performed, while fully clothed (in your own comfortable attire), on a specially designed reiki table that is dressed with beautiful and comfortable linens allowing for complete relaxation in a soothing, calming & safe environment.


With care and respect, your reiki practitioner preforms a reiki treatment through a gentle laying on of hands, which unblocks and balances the body’s energy.  Combined with  gentle meditative music along with the healing properties of aromatherapy...this beautiful service is relaxing, nurturing, energizing, and freeing.  


Give yourself or someone you love,

the gift of healing...that IS Reiki.  

You deserve this time to care for yourself in this busy and hectic world...and with All Things Light & Love...your journey towards healing from within…is very close "at hand."

A Place To Begin is HONORED to recommend  

Lisa Carrick and All Things Light and Love!

Call: 732-693-9206 OR email Lisa today to set up your next appointment or to purchase a gift certificate for someone you love! 

Lisa A. Carrick

Reiki Master and Practitioner 


PLEASE NOTE:  Sessions are


for evenings and weekends. 

Appointments fill up fast:

Mon-Fri evenings 6:00 – 10:00
Sat-Sun 9:00 – 9:00

For More Information about

Reiki and All Things Light & Love

Visit website below! 

Reiki Master & Practitioner

Angels Whispering Light

certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®;  ATP®.   Now, “B” receives requests from all over the world to do Angel Message Sessions and  has touched the lives of those in Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, England, India, Peru as well as throughout the United States.  To take her work to the next level, “B” studied through Gateway University and became an ordained non-denominational Angel Minister in 2010, allowing her to perform weddings, baptisms, funeral services and ministerial counseling when called to do so; but, her main focus is still passing the whispered messages of the angels to all who wish to receive them.





May you feel the presence of your angels guiding you when in need of direction, comforting you when in need of support, celebrating with you when in times of rejoicing, and whispering words of love always.


We have synchronistically crossed paths today because you have an interest in angels, and I have made the following commitment:​


​“As I was assisted, so I wish to assist those who cross my path in igniting the light already within them to a blazing brilliance.  Connecting people with their angels is my passion, and assuring them they are never alone is my purpose.”

Abundant blessings,


Celeste Woods

Treating Body, Mind, and Spirit through Divine Guidance and Holistic Healing

My ability to perceive the presence of spiritual energy dates back to my childhood, growing up in NYC. We lived in the same apartment that my father grew up in! In time, needing a place of our own, we asked for the next available apartment in our building. When Mr. Dougherty passed
away on the third floor, his apartment became ours! However, the apartment came with the Spirit of Mr. Dougherty!

My awareness of Spirit continued to grow as I passed through my teenage years and into my 20s and I developed a passion for both near death experiences and paranormal investigation. I was fascinated by my ability to communicate with resident spirits of various locations, using the best technical equipment available. In time, I realized I no longer needed the equipment and could communicate with Spirit directly. I began to teach paranormal investigation and that evolved into lecturing on the Spirit world.

I was personally selected to study with world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, through her International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) in Los Angeles, California. I am a Certified Master Teacher of both psychic and mediumship through the LWISSD, as well as a Certified Spiritual Advisor and Advanced Medium. 

I am also a Certified Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing and enjoy teaching all levels of this beautiful healing modality.


My time is spent conducting group mediumship readings, holding my Psychic/Mediumship Development Circle through my Virginia Meetup group “The Gathering," and my NJ Meetup group "Welcome Ohm," teaching my courses, and also private readings at both my home office in Manassas, Virginia and at my spiritual center "Welcome Ohm" in Clark, New Jersey.


I am available for public speaking engagements and welcome the opportunity for travel to provide my services


It’s important to me that people understand that we are all born with the inherent ability to communicate with the Other Side. More and more I am meeting people who are actively experiencing communication with the Other Side, including lots of young people. Let me inspire YOU to develop your abilities or spiritual awareness! Spirit awaits!


Private reading sessions are available in person at both of my office locations or remotely via phone, Facetime or Skype


A Place To Begin is HONORED to recommend

Celeste Woods, Medium, Author, & Spiritual Teacher! 

For more information & details visit Celeste's website below!

International Medium, Author, & Spiritual Teacher

Jorleigh Creations

Jorleigh Creations 


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