Honoring Mother

Prenatal Massage

There is a special magic and holiness

about women. They are the bringers of life

to people, and the teachers of children

~ Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne

With This Service...

Mothers-to-be in their second & third trimester will enjoy a wonderful stress relieving massage that assists in releasing lower back pain, sciatica, and water retention.


Our therapists utilize a specialized body support system designed exclusively for our expecting moms, which offers tremendous comfort during your entire session.

Whether you are expecting your first child or expecting another child, give yourself this quiet time and allow our professional therapists to help improve blood circulation, joint mobility and soothe those aches and pains associated with pregnancy.


This peaceful & restorative massage is always adapted to your specific needs and your changing body during this most sacred time as you begin your journey together with your child.

Just as you will soon lull your little one to sleep, our wish is to lull you into relaxation, calm, and peace. 


We can think of no better way of Honoring Mother.  For you are....


"The Bringers of Life"

75 Minute Service

To your door  ~ $125

To our door  ~   $105

*Prenatal Services are ONLY AVAILABLE to those who are in the12th week of gestation or further along.

We DO NOT OFFER: Prenatal services during the 1st trimester.

We DO NOT OFFER: hot/cold therapies or essential oils, due to possible health risks to mother and child.

We DO OFFER: a beautiful, peaceful & serene experience ~ that honors you, our Mother-to-be.

We Gladly Accept:

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It is the responsibility

of the client/customer/consumer to inform  the  LMT of APTB of  any allergies/contraindications based on past/current medications to any products offered/used by APTB.

If you are unsure, consult with your doctor

before services.