Sacred Moments Massage (couples)


Share this moment in time with a loved one. Side-by-side massages in our couple’s retreat are a perfect bonding time for partners or best friends. Your special connection is nurtured while sharing these sacred healing moments together


Relaxing, Restoring & Energizing

50 minutes – $180
90 minutes – $310

Reflexology is the art of reading the body through the pressure points on the feet.

Reflexology is a gentle, deeply relaxing non-invasive therapy. It is based on the principle that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all the internal organs and other structures of the body via thousands of nerve endings and energy pathways.


The use of precise hand and finger techniques on these reflexes help to balance the body, re-establish energy flows and stimulates the body’s own natural healing capacity, resulting in better health. Reflexology techniques can be used to promote balance, reduce stress and manage pain.


Reflexology can assist with pain relief, improved digestive processes, muscle relaxation, improved circulation and lymphatic flow.

The experience is deeply relaxing and can revitalize the body and promote a restful night sleep.



The Body, Mind & Soul work together as a system of energy. The three are connected to keep energy flowing within us.  The energy flow can be abundant or restricted depending on our "state of being", Our state of being is truly our overall feeling of health & wellness. How balanced do we feel on all levels of our being? Joyful, or sad, stressed or at peace, sick or well...we are either "in" or "out" of alignment with who we really are.


Today our lives are busier than ever and more stressful than ever on so many levels. As a result, you may be taking an active role in reducing stress & increasing energy to regain that much needed balance in your life. Often, massage & bodywork is a key component in your quest for balance.  A noble effort,  but until now,  you basically had 3 choices:












Well now you have a New Choice! We have created a unique Place...for you to encourage an abundant flow of energy connecting your body, mind & soul to assist you in your effort to bring balance into your "state of being" so that you can experience better health &'s just outside your door!

Introducing A Place To Begin Mobile Spa! This 37 ft. motor coach has been beautifully transformed into a well-appointed and TRULY MOBILE Massage & Bodywork Spa! This mobile facility is the VERY FIRST OF ITS KIND, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, that offers you a sanctuary that can come to you where you can have therapeutic spa services that are personally tailored to you.  It is truly your own private oasis - whether in your driveway or ours – and there is never, ever, a feeling of being rushed!  It is a unique solution to the problem of:

The “assembly line feeling” inherent with franchises

It eliminates the unexpected stresses that come with"in-home massage"

And...You don't need to take out a 2nd mortgage! 


A Place To Begin offers an affordable, beautiful and safe environment where you can strive toward your goal of better health & well-being, with care and respect from a professional staff of educated & licensed massage therapists who understand the value of healing touch. 


It is our privilege and our honor to offer you...A Place To Begin and within this space, may you find A Place To Begin to...Care For Your Body, Quiet Your Mind & Nourish Your Soul.

We hope to become a part of your journey towards better health & well-being and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Wishing you many blessings.

Yours in health,


Michele E. 

LMT, Founder & Owner of A Place To Begin, LLC

NJ License:  18KT00741100

The affordable franchise,

that feels rushed & somewhat like a drive-through session with someone right behind you waiting to get on to the very table you are not yet ready to get up from! And then there's all that traffic on the drive home... 

The in-home massage,

where you have to clean your house prior to the therapist's arrival (& hope their oils don't accidentally spill onto your clean floors...not to mention the unexpected interruptions from dogs barking, kids carrying on in the next room...wishing they would just turn down that music for an hour!, the neighbor dropping in, phones ringing, & look who home early from work!) because, well...your home!

The high-end day spa,'s lovely...and if your 2nd mortgage application is might just be able to afford  to come more than once a year!

Energetically, all citrus oils support the solar plexus chakra which is our energy center for self-esteem, self confidence, responsibility, personal protection, & the source of our personal power.  This chakra also manages the often complex relationships with our chosen profession, life's work or legacy.


Gentleman's Journey



We dedicate this unique & restorative service to each & every one of you. May you enjoy our...



A journey that celebrates the Gentleman inside of each and every one of you!

Ceremonial Head Massage of India

Ayurvedic Treatment

This deeply restorative treatment utilizes specific techniques based upon Ayurvedic traditions.  A beautiful treatment incorporating sesame oil & Indian spices known for their healing properties. A service that addresses range of motion for the neck as well as opening of the sinuses.

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If you book

Dry Brush 75 Min. Full Service

AS AN ADD-ON TO Any Other Full Service Appointment...



That's OVER

25% Off!!

Spa Party Booking Information

When you call, have a choice of dates in mind, desired location, and a credit card ready to “hold the date”

Two weeks prior: 

                                       2 Weeks Prior: You will provide a guest list & choice of services. The coordinator from APTB will work                                                with you to create the schedule. Pre-payment option is available at this time. (See Below)

                                        Confirmation of services 2 days prior to party date: Confirmation of Services

The day of the party The Pampered Spirit will arrive 30 to 60 minutes in advance to transform your location. Stations will be arranged according to choice of services and available space. Some stations require more privacy while others may be in the general gathering area. During the warm days of summer we have even brought services outside.


Reservations are required at least five business days in advance to assure services. This policy applies to both individual services and spa parties. Same day appointments are likely however not always possible.

  • Last minute booking fees apply = $10 per service

  • Early Set up fee’s apply at a rate of $90 per hour

  • Hotel Surcharge = $10 per service

  • Travel Fee’s may apply see below

  • A credit Card is required to reserve appointments

Deposits/Booking Fees:

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to book a party for groups of four to seven guests. A deposit of $150.00 is required for eight to ten guests. Eleven or more guests require a deposit of $200.00. This fee is required to guarantee date of service and cover any travel fees if applicable.
This fee is non-refundable if the date is cancelled or rescheduled for any reason.

In addition to the deposit a booking fee of $50.00 is required for four to eight guests and $100.00 booking fee is required for nine or more guests.

Travel Fees:

A travel fee may apply to services and parties outside of the Pt. Pleasant area based on roundtrip distance.
First 25 miles no travel fee charged. Over thirty miles a fee of fifty-five cents per mile will be assessed. Parking fee, if any, will be garage rate. Additional Tolls may apply if traveling over bridges or through tunnels.

Please note: A travel fees may or may not apply for individual services since The Pampered Spirit contracts therapists throughout the State.

Pre-Paid Parties:

A 10% credit of the total cost will be rendered in the form of services the day of the party.

  1. Services must exceed $500.00

  2. Party must be paid two full weeks in advanced to receive credit

Referral Program:

Refer a friend to hostess a spa party and you receive 50% of a service of choice.



The Pampered Spirit Staff will arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled party time. This will allow time to re-arrange any small furniture and set-up equipment. Tables, sheets, creams, oils, towels and music will be provided. Lighting candles are at the discretion of the host/hostess. Request for early set up fee will apply.

A Pampered Spirit consultant may tour the venue prior to the scheduled date to insure adequate space is available for services and/or to help with party planning.

Late Charges:

Please be aware overtime charges may apply if your party goes beyond the allotted time listed on your schedule. Staff will do their best to accommodate guests who have arrived late however it is not always possible for the staff to provide the entire appointment time.

An overtime rate of $90.00 per hour per requested technician/therapist will be charged and must be paid in cash for services to continue beyond the allotted time if available.


Please communicate any expectations or concerns to your therapist before and during treatment so that he or she can target your treatment to meet your expectations.

Certain conditions are contraindicated for massage please let your therapist know if you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from treatment suck as broken skin or lesions.

If pregnant please let us know prior to treatment.


Call us

I love getting a massage….don’t you?  And, as a licensed massage therapist myself, I know how necessary self care is. 


How funny, though, I couldn’t easily afford the quality high-end day spa experience that I was used to giving others.  So, I tried the more affordable franchise.  Well, that didn’t work out so well for me.  I discovered pretty quickly that $49.99 isn't all it's cracked up to be! The massage felt rushed and personally, I felt like it was more of a “drive-through” session with someone right behind me waiting to get on to the very table that I wasn’t yet ready to get up from! 


So... I tried having a massage at home.  It sounded perfect at the time, until I realized that I had to clean my not-so-perfect house before the therapist arrived (ohhhkayyy...not so bad, I needed to clean the house anyway, right?).  Well, a few minutes after I got onto the table, reality set in. The dogs started barking, the cat jumped up on me (yep, really!), I could hear the kids carrying on over their (way too loud) music (even though the door was closed) and the phone rang non-stop.  Need I say more?  So much for relaxing in my "beautifully busy" home!


Here I am, a licensed massage therapist, working at a well-appointed day spa… and I’m struggling because I can’t find the right mix of convenience, relaxation and affordability for myself!  How ironic – right?  One afternoon, sitting in my backyard having coffee with friends, I shared my failed attempts to relax and they shared theirs!  As we laughed and bantered … we kept trying to decide - Which was the better solution?


The “get em’ in and get em’ out” feeling we all experienced with the franchise?!

 All the unexpected stress that came with having an “in-home” massage?! OR

Taking out a second mortgage for that high-end day spa experience?!

And then, quite absentmindedly, one of my friends blurted out a ridiculous idea, – "It would be great if they could take one of these beautiful day spas, shrink it down, like they do for pizza! A personal pan pizza! Everything a large pie has..but miniaturized into a single serve...and they deliver it to you!...Can't one of these big spas do that?!"...That was ridiculously funny!...or was it?


In that wheels started turning! Yes, I am a massage therapist...but I am ALSO an avid massage-goer as well! I have been in the healing arts for some time & I love what I do!...Why not offer these well appointed services that also have such tremendous therapeutic value...for everyone...and bring it to their door? Ridiculously funny?...NO...ridiculously brilliant!

So, with the support & help of my family & some very good friends...I found the perfect mobile home that I completely gutted & converted from a typical 37 ft. RV into a 37 ft. Coach that has been beautifully transformed into a well-appointed and TRULY mobile spa! 


A Place To Begin Mobile Spa, is the VERY FIRST OF ITS KIND, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, that offers a "high-end day spa experience", with a variety of therapeutic services allowing us to bring the Peace, Serenity & Healing directly to you - OR, you can come to us – and there is never, ever, a feeling of being rushed!  It is a unique solution to the problem of:

The “assembly line feeling” inherent with the franchises

It eliminates the unexpected stresses that come with the "in-home massage" AND

You don't need to take out a 2nd mortgage! 


It is a sanctuary where you can have therapeutic massage & bodywork that is personally tailored to you without the next client right behind you.  It is truly your own private oasis - whether in our driveway or yours.


My wish was to create an affordable, beautiful and safe environment where you can experience therapeutic massage & bodywork services with care and respect from a professional staff of licensed massage therapists who understand the value of healing touch. 


It never ceases to amaze me, how Life offers us such beautiful gifts when we surround ourselves with love, laughter, support & an open heart! A ridiculously silly comment shared among friends one lazy afternoon...set into motion the way A Place To Begin...began!


And through love...the love of friends & family...and the love of my profession in the healing arts...It is a privilege and my honor to share with you...the gift of A Place To Begin. My hope is that you will find this place as special as I do, and that for you, it becomes... 

A Place to Begin...

To Quiet Your Mind

To Care For Your Body

To Heal Your Soul

Wishing you many blessings.  My staff and I hope to become a part of your journey towards better health & well-being.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Yours in health,


Michele E. 

LMT, Founder of A Place To Begin, LLC

NJ License:  18KT00741100

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